For those who want to rock
Collage Blue Grey 1

Pretty Hot and Thick
Serigraphie, Edition: 50 (10 AP); 1189 x 841 mm

The Lazy Three
Desert near Los Angeles, 2005

Lacquered wood, 2020

Weltraum I
Serigraphie 50/10 AP; 1189 x 841 mm

Highly Visco Plastic I
Serie 1

Artist and muse
Skateboard Multiple; Edition of 20, 2013

Generative Artwork, 2008

C-Print on Marble

Highly Visco Plastic III
Serie 3

Kochbuch der verpönten Küche
Wolfram Siebeck, 2007

Poster (100.30 TIME) Unframed. Limited Edition. Numbered and signed.

Hoshi Flowers
Kanto Region, Japan 2012

Quellen und Essenzen der Inspiration
Collector's Edition, Box, C-Print – Numbered, signed.

Highly Visco Plastic II
Serie 2

"House of tea"
Kyoto, Japan 2012

Generative Artwork, 2008

Stefan Strumbel, 2012
Atelier, Offenburg

Generative Artwork, 2008

Martin Grothmaak – Evertime
Publikation DEU ENGL JAP ISBN 978-3-947499-00-7

Leather Things 1
De Sede AG, Switzerland 2016

Buenos Diyas; Case Goods, Mumbai 2022
For United Landscapes

Teak Bowl; Case Goods, Mumbai 2022
For United Landscapes

Generative Artwork, 2009

The Days of 2014
Wall Calendar for United Landscapes

Mono I
Briggs Automotive Company (UK), 2020

Quellen und Essenzen der Inspiration, Teil 1
Publikation, 2013

Officina Humana I
Book Project

Fett, Edition 1
C Print, Edition 50 (10 AP); 1189 x 841 mm

Underground Posters
London 1997

Generative Artwork, 2009